Papers presented at WASCON 2012 are now available on USB memory stick

These papers presented at WASCON 2012 are now available from ISCOWA for only 55 Euros.
You may also order the CDrom of Wascon 2009 for only 40 euros and/or the CDroms of WASCON 2006, Wascon 2003 or Wascon 2000 within one order for only € 25 each (as long as stocks last).

The book of abstracts of Wascon 2009 can be downloaded for the Wascon 2009 site (pdf, 1.4 MB).

To order one or more copies of the Wascon 2012 Proceedings on USB stick print out and complete the following form, and return to:

Tempelierhof 5
3544 NA Utrecht
The Netherlands.


[ ]I want to order .... copies (please fill in the amount) of the ISCOWA/SGI USB memory stick with papers presented at WASCON 2012 for 55 euros each.



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Total amount due: .......... USB sticks Wascon 2012 at EUR 55 +.......... CD-ROMs Wascon 2009 at EUR 40 +.......... CD-ROMs Wascon 2006 at EUR 25 + ... CDroms of Wascon 2003 for 25 Euros + ... CDroms Wascon 2000 at EUR 25: TOTAL: EUR ..........

(prices include handling and shipping; when shipped outside the EU you might have to pay local customs duties)

PAYMENT : I will pay the total amount due as follows:
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[ ] preferred method: I will deposit the total amount due into ISCOWA's International Bank Account Number (IBAN). We will send you an invoice with the bank accountnr. after reception of this form. Please, NO CHEQUES, or add 10 Euro for costs!!

We are sorry that it is no longer possible to pay via credit card.

The USB memory stick and/or CD-ROM(s) will be sent immediately after reception of your payment.

If you want to pay by an enclosed bankers cheque made out to ISCOWA, you must add 10 Euros to the total amount for clearance costs. CD-rom(s) will be sent after clearance, which takes about one month.