Program ISCOWA workshop at SB 2000 : Recycling, environmental quality control and legislation

Venue: MECC, Maastricht, The Netherlands
Date: Tuesday 24 October 2000
Time: Start at 16.00 hours, closure at 18.30 hours.
Registration and information via E-mail:
Papers presented at this workshop are available on the Wascon 2000/Iscowa CD-rom.

1. Welcome
Dr. J.M. Goumans, Chairman of ISCOWA

Part A : Examples of application of waste materials

2. Coal Combustion Products for Sustainable and Durable Constructions - Utilization in Europe
J. van den Berg, Dutch Fly Ash Corporation; F. Lamers, KEMA; W. vom Berg, ECOBA

3. Waste materials in civil engineering (paper not included on CD-rom; available here only)
C. Zevenbergen, DURA Vermeer Group

4. Quality control and certification of waste materials in Rotterdam
J. van Leeuwen , Public works department, City of Rotterdam

Part B : Legislation and quality control

5. Recycling and the European directive for construction products (paper not included on CD-rom; available here only)
Dr. G. van der Wegen, INTRON / Rilem

6. Hierarchy in leaching tests and their use for environmental assessment and quality control
Dr. H.A. van der Sloot, ECN

7. The Buildings Materials Decree (BMD), Dutch experience with legislation
Ir. H. Walthaus, Dutch Ministry of Housing, Physical Planning and the Environment

Part C : Discussion and Conclusions

8. Step by Step
Dr. J.M. Goumans

9. Panel discussion

If you want to participate in this workshop, please let us know via E-mail to: