The Respect-house

In the Netherlands, ten so-called Respect houses are being built, which will be ready in 1998. In these houses, much use is made of high-quality recycled materials. Also, The houses stand out because of their flexibility. For example, the inside walls on the first floor are mobile. Occupants can decide how they want to arrange the floor themselves. Later, they can change things by moving (and recycling) wooden prefabricated walls relativily easily.

With the realization of this project, IBC Vastgoed aims to convince all market parties that it is also possible to build with use of recycled material. This objective is also supported in an European context. The project has the backing of the European Commission on the basis of the LIFE programme, as part of a series of innovative recycling projects. A very attractive house has been designed, despite the great ambitions regarding ecologically sound materials and constructions. Through targeted communication, the project will have a stimulating effect and will contribute towards sustainable building. The future occupants will experience that respect for the environment and pleasantly living can be combined very well in this type of house.

The Respect-house is a house with more lifes. Lifes that can be lived at many different places within Europe.