Dr. Carlos H.Borzi

I am a scientific researcher at CONICET-Argentina. I have developed a procedure to produce artificial gravel out of incinerator ashes and other non-recoverable wastes. The procedure works through mixing the waste with specific clays and fluxes and firing the mix in a rotary kiln.
The product passes the US-EPA-TCLP test and I intend to use it as a construction material (included in concrete formulations as a coarse grained aggregate) or simply to dispose it in land fillings.

The local authorities have asked me to provide some international evidence on similar experiences and to develop a reliable test in order to ensure that there will not be adverse Environmental effects in the long term.

Any information or documentation, which could help me to fulfil those requirements, will be very much appreciated.

Further, I am looking forward to contact people with a proactive attitude towards the use of artificial gravel, made of ashes from industrial waste incineration, as an alternative construction material.

Thank you in advance, Carlos H.Borzi, PhD

Dr. Carlos H.Borzi (click here for CV)
Ave. R.S.Naón 2065
Buenos Aires 1430
E-mail: borzi@sinectis.com.ar