The papers are primarily stored on this CD-ROM as .PDF files. In order to view the files you will have to have Adobe Acrobat Reader® installed on your computer. On this CD-ROM you can find an installation package of Adobe Acrobat Reader® 4.05 with Search Plug-In for Windows 95/98 in the folder "acroread" (filename: rs405eng.exe). If you need or prefer another version you can download the proper installation package from Or even faster via If you have an ftp-client go directly to: (and then further depending on your operating system). Please be sure to download a version with the Search Plug-In (installation files with names like rs*.exe), because this enables you to use the index (included on this CD-ROM) for full text search.

Full-text search
All papers can be searched on specific words with the Search Plug-In:

  1. Start Acrobat Reader directly -NOT using this HTML shell;
  2. Press the search button in the Acrobat Reader toolbar: ;
  3. Press "indexes.." and add the index "wascon03.pdx" that you will find in the root-directory;
  4. After the index "wascon03.pdx" has been added you can search all pdf-documents on this CD-ROM with all words you are looking for.

Note: PDF files are not available at this website but only available on the CD-rom. The website only gives you an idea of contents of the CD-rom Click here if you want to order the CD-rom.