Recycling gypsum drywall

I would be glad to share --at no cost -- an annotated bibliography I have been putting together on recycling gypsum drywall. As you may know, gypsum drywall is typically the second largest component (by weight) of residential construction debris.

The bibliography is 80 pages long with 246 references, all the way from summaries of research reports to information on Internet web pages, magazine articles, patents and telephone conversations. Most of the references are from the US and Canada, with a few from Europe, especially Germany and Norway.

The document is available in either Word 6.0 format or Rich Text Format, and I can send it either as an email attachment or on computer disk via snail mail.

In addition, I am also very interested in other items to add to this bibliography, especially successful projects to recovery drywall.

Update September 2007: John Reindle has sent us the following information:
The bibliography has been extensively expanded, and is now on the internet at under the section "Resources". The web page also contains much other useful information on drywall recycling.

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October 5, 1998 and September, 2007