What is ISCOWA?

ISCOWA is an international, non-profit organization which was formed in 1992 to promote and coordinate the exchange of information regarding the environmental and technical aspects of construction with industrial by-products. Industrial by-products include residues from industrial processes, such as flue gas desulphurisation sludge, metallurgical slags, power plant, and municipal and hazardous waste incinerator fly ashes, bottom ashes, foundry sand, blasting grit, mine tailings, as well as demolition wastes, soils contaminated by industrial activities, and stabilized or treated residues and soils, etc. ISCOWA members are involved with the utilization of these alternative materials in construction applications, such as fill, roadbase, cement, concrete, ceramic products, roofing materials, etc..

Working on Circular Construction since 1991

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ISCOWA is a non-profit association (vereniging) registered in The Netherlands at the Utrecht Chamber of Commerce nr. 40482110

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Updated: 4 Februari 2020